My Vacation Adventure

Name:Alexandra Lim
Website:The Picture's Source


Coron was pretty amazing.And we saw amazing things as well.
We saw beautiful fishes, corals, and exotic looking shells when we went diving.We also had fun swimming in the clear waters and hunting for shells in Coron's beautiful beaches.Kayaking, and snorkeling were also part of the adventure. Visiting and swimming in the Twin Lagoon and finally relaxing in the hot springs were one of the last things we did in Coron, and we had so many great experiences in exploring and knowing about the history of places and getting to know different people along the way. So all in all, I could say that Coron was amazing, and getting to visit the island was fun,exciting, and definitely a journey to remember.

Favorite Moments


While Snorkeling, we saw beautiful fishes and corals.

Things I learned

  1. You don't always need gadgets to have fun.
  2. Philippines has a beauty that can compatre with other countries,too.